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Welcome to the cd-circle-print Project

When I started burning CDs with linux there were some programs to print covers for cd boxes but I didn't find anything for printing nice circular labels for the CD itself.
So I started this little perlscript to print on my cd-labels.

cd-circle-print uses postscript for its output.

I made an easy GUI in tk for the program.
To use the program you need perl, perl/tk and a module to parse POD (if you are using debian simply install perl-modules and perl-tk)
If you are using Debian, you can install cd-circle-print with apt-get, because it is now part of the debian Sarge distribution I'm the maintainer of the Debian package too, so please send all complaints and comments to me.
There are some screen-shots too .

Colin Tuckley (Project Admin)

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